Handling Life's Toughest Transitions

"Living through a major life transition creates very strong emotions. Whether these emotions are positive or negative, there is nothing more dangerous to one’s financial well-being than making major money decisions when emotions are running high. However, you will likely need triage strategies for handling necessary financial decisions during your major transition. Although your circumstances are unique to you, women in transition face similar challenges.

I forgot what losing money feels like

It seemed like every day I logged in to view my 401k balance, the value just kept going higher and higher. I got used to that. 

But that's not what's been happening since the start of 2022. Markets have sold off and become much more volatile over fears and worries about inflation, higher interest rates, a lingering pandemic, a possible invasion of Ukriane by Russia, and how all these things will effect our economy moving forward.

I think I forgot what it feels like to lose money!

After 27 years in this industry, I know intellectually that every bull market ends. What follows is a bear market, which is defined as a drop in market value of 20% from it's most recent high water mark amid widespread pessimism and negative investor sentiment. Despite knowing this, I forgot what the feelings inside of me actually feel like when this happens. And they are not comfortable feelings. Thankfully I've become ok with discomfort because I know those feelings are always temporary.

Did you forget what it feels like to lose money? Are those feelings creating emotional thoughts about what you should be doing with your investments? If so, the best thing you can do is to pause. There is nothing more dangerous to your financial security than making big financial decisions while emotions are on high alert.

Whether it's excitement that drives us to make an impulse purchase or business investment, or anxiety that has us so afraid of losing money that we sell everything and go to cash, both are extremely dangerous decisions to make while those extreme emotions are present.

Let's pause together if you're feeling a strong emotion and considering an extreme decision. That is the purpose of my blog post today! 

Jim and I were in studio last week recording some episodes for our podcast "Financial Sobriety". Given what's been happening in the markets lately, we decided to put aside our planned agenda and address what's happening in the world today and try to offer some clarity on how to relax, breathe, and assess what's really going on, and how what's going on might affect your bottom line.

Rather than giving myself hand cramps by writing all about it, I thought I'd share the link to the first of the two episodes we recorded that day.

You can find more episodes of Financial Sobriety Podcast on all your favorite podcast platform.

Here's to the temporary nature of everything, including bear markets and worry!


Matthew Grishman

Principal, Wealth Advisor

Gebhardt Group, Inc.


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