Professional Athletes

At Gebhardt Group, Inc., we are dedicated to helping young pro athletes prepare for life after sports.

Athletes are highly motivated, dedicated professionals, trained from day one on how to mentally turn pro. It requires developing an in-game short term memory, allowing you to move past your failures and mistakes immediately so you can make the next play successfully. You know that no time can be spent thinking about last game or the next game, only the “now”. This is playing in the zone, and it’s the ultimate barometer of success in pro sports. Unfortunately the zone mentality often extends outside the game, and it is the exact opposite of how to master the financial windfall that comes with turning pro.

For the young athletes we meet, the outcome of living 100% in the now, outside the game, can be devastating for life after sports. Experiencing sudden wealth before 30 years old opens up incredible opportunities, and it also comes with a whole new set of challenges. If coached correctly outside the game, you may have the ability to provide for life after sports well before having to think about retirement from pro sports. It is imperative that you surround yourself with trusted coaches both inside and outside the game of play.

What to expect of a Gebhardt Group, Inc. Wealth Coach

  • The GGI wealth coach dedicates himself to serving you as a Fiduciary, meaning he legally and morally must act solely in your best interest, putting your needs ahead of his own
  • The GGI wealth coach is someone you can trust to hold you accountable for your future
  • The GGI wealth coach can help you
  • avoid the pitfalls of overspending
  • protect you from making bad investment decisions
  • enhance your overall financial literacy when it comes to saving and paying taxes
  • The GGI wealth coach is not a “yes-man”
  • The GGI wealth coach is a true pro himself. He:
  • Shows up early and prepared
  • Does what he says
  • Finishes what he starts
  • Says please and thank you
  • Owns and fixes his mistakes
  • He comes to work every day with his Game FACE on.
  • Focus is on you
  • Possessing a gratitude attitude about the work he does for you
  • Confidence in being the best
  • Giving maximum effort every day and leaving it all on the field.

Services Offered

  • Lifetime/Retirement Income Planning
  • Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Investment & Tax Planning
  • Cash Management & Household Budgeting
  • College/Education Planning
  • Trust, Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Family Governance/Beneficiary Planning
  • Travel Consultation
  • Life Coaching
  • Healthy Living