Your hosts, Jim Gebhardt and Matthew Grishman take you back a bit to help you move forward. We’ve all marveled at the intricate dance of financial decisions and human emotions. How this twisted tango impacts our self-worth, relationships, and ultimately, our sense of freedom is addressed in some of the refresher steps necessary to continue to build on those principals.

Thoughtful exploration takes us through the movement of investing in oneself – an invaluable pundit of self-growth, and the importance of second opinions before making emotionally charged decisions. Tools such as the Concentric Circles exercise prove to be game-changers, creating emotionally safe platforms for introspection and discussion. You’ll also hear how services like BetterHelp act as catalysts, bridging gaps between individuals and professional therapists in their locale.

The journey doesn’t stop there – they’ll delve into strategies for effective decision making, managing expenses, and future savings. The ’10-10-10′ strategy and the Clarity Compass worksheet are outstanding steps in guiding you to align your financial resources with your core values, and to manage impulse spending. Underscoring the importance of categorizing expenses and building a collective ‘us bucket’ for shared experiences is a novel thought. We wrap up with the importance of financial freedom and how the concept of the ‘pain of discipline’ versus the ‘pain of regret’ can be used to make wiser financial decisions.

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