Did you know that as a married couple who’ve both worked, you could be sitting on a lifetime benefit of over $2 million from Social Security? It’s not common knowledge, but this retirement asset can even generate a guaranteed 8% return from the Social Security Administration which your hosts, Jim and Beth Gebhardt, examine in detail. This could be the world’s largest annuity.

Understanding the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), and how it impacts your Social Security benefits, is vital for your retirement strategy. The conversation swings into married and single options plus how today’s software can help project not only but asset value in time to prepare for succession. DO NOT rush into Social Security, there’s a lot to gain from waiting. If you’re a single retiree, or divorced and pondering remarriage before the age of 60, we’ve got some crucial information that could affect your benefits.

For all the teachers in California and those who have worked in government jobs, you’ll learn how the process affect you when it comes time to retire. Government pension offsets could have serious implications on your survivor benefits and you’ll get an enlightening on them. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. By considering your life expectancy, health factors, and financial needs, you can still make the right decisions about when to take Social Security.

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