It’s the beginning of the holiday season, the season of giving and what better way to demonstrate financial sobriety than to share a story of need and success as it relates to some of our most misunderstood families and children… those in the Foster Care System. Today, Jim and Matthew speak with Heidi White, Educator and Church Relations Director for The Alliance: defending the causes of kids and families. You’ll hear the true stories of what happens to children in the Foster Care System once emancipated and the challenges they face against great odds. It’s not an uplifting outcome, unless or until we make it so. But there is hope. There are many opportunities for support and it’s not all just financial. You’ll most certainly agree after hearing this episode. With timing “in the season” of giving it’s our hope you’re moved to do something for someone in need as we exemplify our gratitude for others around us this thanksgiving holiday.

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