The dance between health, wealth, and personal connections often leads us through unexpected rhythms. As your hosts, Matthew Grishman and Jim Gebhardt settle back into the studio, you’ll learn where they’ve been and how they’ve emerged to return. The conversation is extremely personal as Matthew recounts his chilling health scare during yoga class.

This episode rides waves of self-discovery and gratitude as we learn more of the cause of Matthew’s absence while he shares his journey after an encounter with mortality that led to the diagnosis of aortic valve regurgitation and the subsequent surgery and recovery. He shares his relationship with pain, death, and growth, unearthing a resilient gratitude for life. As we unpack these revelations, they’ll encourage a deeper dive into the well of emotional and financial mindfulness.

Finally, the guys touch on the delicate scales weighing health against wealth—a balance as old as time yet still a prevailing tale in our modern lives. There’s a search for meaning in the darkest corners of post-surgery recovery, and the indomitable strength found in faith and community. Through open dialogue, there’s hope and a testament to the power of positive thought and collective healing and a wonderful lead in to a new year with a very new and different perspective.

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