Ever find yourself awash with the New Year fervor, scribbling resolutions you swear you’ll stick to? That’s where your hosts, Jim Gebhardt and Matthew Grishman found themselves —eager to translate the energy of January into lasting momentum. This episode is a meeting of minds over the essence of starting strong. They’ll share thier own health triumphs, Matthew’s cardiac rehab and Jim’s muscle mastery, and how these personal feats are woven into the grander plans of focus and growth. Hear the impact of mentors who light the path along the way, much like the ones who guided Jim during his fledgling days at Merrill Lynch.

Disnmiss the myth of perfection and champion the small wins, like a consistent gym routine, which can be just as rewarding as the major milestones. It’s all about what you feed your focus, and how it can blossom or blight your well-being. The guys riff on the parallels between a balanced life and a strong mind-body connection, leaning into Jim Rohn’s wisdom that to achieve more, you need to become more. It’s a chapter for those looking to edge closer to their goals with every small yet significant step, without losing sight of the importance of self-care and balance.

For those successful business owner, successful entrepreneurs looking to get more from their money than just more money, the time away from the studio lent itself to better serving the needs of those clients and future clients of Gebhardt Group. The purpose of the program going forward will be stories and include guests who address this mission.

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