The small things in life hold immense joy. Join your hosts, Matthew Grishman and Jim Gebhardt as they cover steps 2 & 3 in preparation for stress reduction in 2024. You’ll find selective consumption has the ability to weigh heavily or lessen the burden on our mental space.Through stories and thoughtful discussion, learn how nurturing confidence can actually fuel our ability to give back more generously, improve our communities and ease that anxiety world news and information can create.By examining the power of narrowing our focus could it lead to helping enrich our perspective? Which, by the way, is step 3 in the stress relief journey. By ‘shrinking our universe,’ we prioritize meaningful connections and activities that truly resonate with us, fostering a healthier, more purpose-driven existence. From there, a more reflective discussion continues as the narrative shifts to perspective and in incredible story of history through the early 1900’s to the late 1980’s. Only through history, can we measure progress and only through history can we gain perspective on today. This puts a bow on the three steps to minimizing stress and anxiety that could cause you to make poor financial decisions in the year and years ahead.

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