Join your hosts, Jim Gebhardt and Matthew Grishman as they explore the resurgence of bonds as an investment option with a semblance of stability and fixed returns.
This episode illuminates the allure of bonds in an era where traditional real estate investments encounter the challenges of the former zero-interest rate environment. The guys unpack the quest for value that transcends monetary gains, and sets the tone for rediscovering the enduring appeal of bonds. As the conversation dissects the pulse of the real estate market, you’ll gain an understanding of how managing property portfolios amidst an ever-shifting economic landscape may give way to consideration of selling in a presumed lower tax situation.

With the money market well covered in the conversation, it tees up the logical next step and that is to scrutinize the bond market’s ebbs and flows and why the bond market may be a good option for repositioning assets. There is a psychology behind investment trends and the art of timing one’s exit from money markets before diminishing returns set in, is often done too late.
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