Matthew enjoys a little baseball nostalgia this episode as the discussion of stocks gets underway. This episode, your hosts begin to unpack the complexities of the stock market from a variety of different perspectives starting with the types of players in the market and closing the episode with a better understanding of just what a stock is and how to begin to lear a little bit more about that stock before you actually take ownership.

You’re going to get a little deeper into the investment playbook as the guys analyze the various players in the stock market game, from high-stakes gamblers to the meticulous professional investors and portfolio jugglers. With personal stories, sprinkled with the lessons of industry titans like Warren Buffett, this episode is an education in cultivating the right mindset for managing investments.

Capturing the comprehension of the ways stocks can be bought and bundled, learn the evolution of retirement investment options, the consequent rise of mutual funds and a description of and value created by ETFs. (Electronic Funds Transfer. ) Discussing the challenges and innovations in retirement planning, this episode demystifies the selection process for your investment portfolio with personal anecdotes and a spotlight on financial literacy. Closing out the discussion with a critical eye on the business and analyzing how a profit-over-people mentality, exemplified by owners like baseball’s John Fisher of the Athletics, can strike out with customers often resulting in a losing business proposition.

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