This is an encore episode from David Woods Bartley on his personal journey in dealing with depression, attempted suicide and mental health issues. With May being Mental Health Awareness month, it seemed appropriate for your hosts, Matthew Grishman and Jim Gebhardt to pull one of the great episodes from the archives on mental health as it continues to get significant interest.

You’ll hear poignant personal stories into the crucial role mental health plays across various age groups. They’ll touch on the troubling rise in teen depression and anxiety, and discuss the loneliness epidemic that transcends age, exacerbated by our digital lives. This conversation is a tribute to the progress we’ve made in openly discussing mental health and a reminder of the power of dialogue, as demonstrated by the inspiring journey of our guest, mental health advocate David Woods Bartley.

David joins us to shed light on the intricate web connecting our financial, interpersonal, and self-relationships. Our narratives reveal the pressing issue of suicide within the military and the transformative potential of empathy and connection. This dialogue is a celebration of the profound impact that being present for others can have, both for their survival and our own well-being.

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