Join us, your hosts, Matthew Grishman and Jim Gebhardt, for an insightful journey through the various facets of life’s milestones and personal growth in this episode. Reflecting on the graduation season, we explore the idea that graduation is not just an end but a midpoint in life’s journey, emphasizing the importance of taking time to reflect on accomplishments and future directions.
We then shift our focus to the financial side of things, where Jim recounts an interesting lunch with fellow advisors. This discussion highlights our evolving mindset from competition to collaboration, striving to be the best versions of ourselves. By measuring success through self-improvement and overcoming a fixed mindset, we share practical steps and personal anecdotes to illustrate the broader theme of gradual, consistent growth. We emphasize the significance of small actions and the importance of fostering a growth mindset to better serve our community.
Finally, we close with a realization of the truest sense of graduation in a personal revelation.

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Chapter Summaries
(00:00) Reflections on Graduation Season
Gratitude, family time, graduation season, reflection on accomplishments and future directions.

(10:45) Evolving Beyond Competition and Comparison
Collaborative mindset shift from competition to growth, measuring success by past selves, overcoming fixed mindset, gradual self-improvement.

(19:04) Progress Over Perfection
Nature’s “awareness principle” and using tools like the “say no more” list to reduce unhealthy habits and embrace imperfections.

(28:23) The Power of Perspective
Transformative power of growth mindset, personal health crisis, self-sufficiency, financial sobriety journey, patience, and personal development.