When co-host Matthew Grishman faced serious health issues, it became clear that healing needed to start from within before he could tackle anything else, be it financial or personal challenges. In this episode, we unpack the intricate connection between self-healing and overcoming life’s hurdles. Drawing from Matthew’s own experiences, we explore how toxic relationships, whether with people or money, often mirror our broken relationship with ourselves. We’ll share practical tips on how to move forward by focusing on the well-being of others. Patience, grace, and time are critical elements of this journey, and we offer actionable advice to help you get unstuck and grow.

We also dive into the therapeutic benefits of journaling, a simple yet powerful tool to manage anxiety and achieve mental clarity. Inspired by mentors like Tim Adams and Dr. Joan Rosenberg, we discuss how allowing emotions to surface and transferring them to paper can significantly improve your emotional well-being and sleep quality. For parents, we offer valuable insights on making the most of the summer with your children while instilling the principles of financial sobriety. Whether your kids are young or fully grown, maintaining a growth mindset and engaging meaningfully with them can make this season a time of tremendous growth and connection for the entire family.

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(00:00) The Power of Self-Healing and Support
Relationship with oneself is key to healing financial and personal challenges, with a focus on growth mindset and helping others.

(06:30) Journaling for Mental Health
Holding space, deeply listening, and journaling can alleviate anxiety and improve sleep, as advised by mentors Tim Adams and Dr. Joan Rosenberg.

(10:14) Parenting Tips for Summer Success
Graduation season is a time to reflect and engage with our children, maintain a growth mindset, and discuss financial sobriety.