2020. A lot is going to be said about this in retrospect and your hosts, Jim and Matthew, take a look back at the one year anniversary mark of the podcast, Financial Sobriety, to give a little perspective and celebrate just a bit. It has been one very strange year indeed. They also introduce an encore version from the segment on “Relationship with People” based around conflict. How appropriate as we enter into the 11th month of stay at home and, in many cases, tight quarters with multiple people. If you missed the episode, you’ll appreciate it. If you’ve heard it already, it was long enough ago that it’s worth repeating. And as a point of gratitude for helping launch the podcast in one strange, strange time, THANK YOU for listening. The entire team at Financial Sobriety is appreciative of what you mean to us and wishes you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2021.

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