The grand re-opening has happened, things are appearing to be back to normal. But are they? Likely not and that’s why today’s episode is so important. Yeah, we know it’s a little long, but we didn’t want to split it into two parts and make you wait another week when the topic is so significant and the process one that needs to be completed sooner than later. Graduation. We’ve been through something and yes, it’s also the month of June and that’s also graduations. But important to note that while you’ve come through it all, maybe even well, that does not mean you’ve arrived. And that point will be driven home in this episode. You’ve simply been promoted to the next level, the next set of challenges and the next set of opportunities to do things the way you want to get them done, the right way for you. It’s also halftime. Midway through the year and time to take stock and assess how you’ve done. A midyear review. Matthew and Jim use the Financial Sobriety tools to gauge how well they did with money, people and self and help you do the same with some guidance and direction on how to recognize accomplishment and steps to take to self-correct as well. Just in case you may have gotten a little off course. It happens to the best of us, as you’ll hear in both Matthew and Jim’s stories from the beginning of the year. For more information about Financial Sobriety, visit