Not unlike flying a plane, you’re going to hear Matthew and Jim discuss the need to have checks and balances on your investment “flight” plan. Too often, one tends to want to manually attempt to “fly” their investment strategy over the long haul. Not unlike a flight plan, however, if you’re off just a bit in the early years, you could be way, way off in the later years. A few miles off on the plane’s flight path early in the trip equals hundreds of miles off course or more the longer the flight. Make sense? Enter auto-pilot or course correction. The same is true of your investment strategy. Do you have the tools to adequately plan your trip and ensure that auto-pilot is giving you the most accurate and direct route to where you want to end up? You’ll get some great training today on what you can do to be sure you get to your destination with the most direct route and in the manner you anticipated.

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