Let’s face it. Even though the market had a good year in 2022, 2023 has been no picnic. Part of the issue, at least in the opinion of your hosts, Matthew Grishman and Jim Gebhardt, we’re now experiencing the Covid hangover. Experiencing trauma is one thing, working through it is another and few would argue, the entire Covid era wreaked havoc on everything. Just because we had a good year for the stock market doesn’t mean we’re all good. Possibly even the opposite, we’re not good at all. (Remember our episodes on masking up and wearing the armor to face the day…) So Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn has been invited back to help address the process of getting from traumatic to Post Traumatic Growth in the face of the Covid hangover. You’ll recall her program from Episodes 68 and 69 where she introduced Metahabilitation, or Metahab, to the Financial Sobriety tribe. In this episode, you’ll hear the discussion of the hangover’s effects on us as well as a ramp up to ways to minimize the long haul challenges this could produce on our thought process and ultimately, our actions.

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