Part two of a riveting discussion with David Woods Bartley takes us to the conversation of his darkness with depression and what led to his standing on the ledge of the Foresthill bridge about to release his grip on the cool steel post that was all that separated him from life and death. It’s the story of human connection and hope that reveal the reason to live and the subsequent life that has been built around helping others to recognize and find hope for their survival. Both Jim and Matthew also share stories of simple actions that could change a day in the life of someone who is suffering from depression as well as giving you a feeling of connection as well. This episode celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month and should be shared with anyone you feel may benefit from it. David was also kind enough to share his personal phone number as part of his effort to serve and support those in need. If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, please support them and seek professional help or call 9-8-8.

For more information about David Woods Bartley, he can be reached at 916-247-6389 or on line at The website is

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